What Parents Say About Musikgarten Bellaire

I started attending Musikgarten Bellaire with my son when he was 11 months old and he loved it right away. He is now 2 and his love and understanding of music has grown with each semester that we've been a part of Musikgarten. The classes provide a great balance of singing, dancing/movement, and playing ins;truments. I love that the parent/grown-up serves as the example, along with Mrs. Vaughan, and that this is something we participate in together and can enjoy practicing at home also.
-- Laura G.

Most children's music classes will let you sit in on one class for free. We tried out 3 music classes for toddlers and picked Musikgarten.  The other places were loud, frantic and over-stimulating (for me as a parent and the kids).  I felt tired after the other classes. I never feel tired after Musikgarten. The teacher, Mrs. Vaughan, has a very calm and warm demeanor.  My kids love the Musikgarten program and frequently request the music at home and in the car.  Try out Musikgarten and other programs, you will see and feel the difference.
-- Joop L.

Mrs. Vaughan is a very fun and experienced music teacher and my daughter looks forward to class every week. The method behind Musikgarten is outstanding and the price is also great. I highly recommend Musikgarten Bellaire!
-- Sharon O.

My little and I attend Ms. Jill's young tot music class once a week, and we love going to class! Both of us get a lot of enjoyment out of learning new music together. We sing all the time now! I wanted my little to have a healthy appreciation for music early on, and while we tried other classes, we decided that Ms. Jill's methods work best for us. As my little one gets older, I look forward to taking more classes.
-- Malkia M.

We love Mrs. Vaughan and Musikgarten!  I have 2 daughters who have participated in the program and they have both loved it.  Our older daughters love family night so they can participate again with our youngest daughter who is now in the program.  The classes are small and  are very engaging.  The children in the toddler class also learn how to follow directions, listen to patterns in music, and get to try out different instruments.  As the parent, I also enjoy the classes (which isn't always the case with parent/child classes).  Mrs. Vaughan is wonderful and I am so glad our girls have had the opportunity to learn about music from her!
-- Erin O.

We had the opportunity to visit several other music classes around the city and they just did not even compare to your Musikgarten class. Hands down you are the best! Thank you for the wonderful experience we have had :)
-- Jacquie K.

Musikgarten in Bellaire is one of the best classes out there.  My son has been in music since he was 9 months old and we have tried several places.  We did fundamentally music and then also gymboree music.  Then he started Rice music for little children when he was two.   He still goes to Rice once a week, but he has also been in Musikgarten classes since he was three.  My daughter also goes to Musikgarten now and she is two.  Honestly, I think Musikgarten is one of the better music class choices in Houston.  It is taught by Jill Vaughan in Bellaire. 
-- Courtney P.

I am so happy to have found your Musikgarten classes.  You are a wonderful teacher, and you surely touch many lives on a daily basis.  You have definitely touched our lives.  Thank you for all you do!
-- Sarah B.

My daughter has been enrolled in Jill Vaughan's Musikgarten program since she was 2 years old and recently completed Music Makers at Home as a 5-year-old.  We have enjoyed our Musikgarten classes so much.  As a former teacher, I find these classes incredibly rewarding.  From the start, they were not like the other music classes I'd been to, and with two older daughters, I'd been to several!  Jill not only provides a variety of musical experiences for her students, but she also encourages imagination and creativity in her classes, which I personally love and think important for all children.  They would take trips to a farm, getting dressed first by pretending to pull on boots and jackets, walking through the trails, and then feeding the horses before climbing on their backs and galloping away!  Then, once she had created this scene for the children, she'd bring in the songs that support it.  Fabulous!  With Jill, my child has seen a pussy willow for the first time, created her own song for the first time, and has gained confidence. 

Jill is an incredible teacher.  One just has to experience her class to understand how very special her classes are.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my daughter's schedule will allow her to continue her Musikgarten journey this year with Music Makers Around the World.
-- Melissa N.

Thank you so much for the wonderful semester of music.  I think that my granddaughter progressed a lot, and we both enjoyed the classes very much.  I appreciate that you move from one music activity to the next without wasting time in transition.  The fast pace keeps active toddlers like Kara tuned in.  I hope her parents sign her up for Musikgarten again next Fall.
-- RosaLee R.

Mrs. Vaughan is a very fun and experienced music teacher.  My kids look forward to class every week.  Also, the quality of Musikgarten music is outstanding.  My 3-year old requests to hear the CDs in the car all the time:  "not the old Musikgarten, Mom.  The new one that has 'dear Liza' in it."  Or she will specifically request a song:  "I want to hear 'Baby-O'!" (and then she'll tell me not to sing along.  Ha!).  My 3-year old is constantly singing.  

My younger child has been tagging along since she was born.  She could bounce to the beat of the music before she could walk.  She is now almost 2 and tries to echo sing (like we do in class) in order to put off bedtime.  She sticks out her little thumb like a microphone, sings "BA ba ba," offers me the 'mike' and says, "YOU say it!"  It's adorable.  

After two years of attending, Musikgarten continues to be an enjoyable learning experience for me and my girls.  We just love it.  Give your kids the gift of music appreciation!  It will last a lifetime.

-- Traci W.

"Musikgarten Bellaire's baby class was truly a blessing to my son and I this spring session. Jill was a wonderful teacher...kind, enthusiastic and knowledgeable! She really made the class comfortable and enjoyable to all! My son took in a lot from the class and has actually been walking around the house this week with his rhythm sticks tapping them to music. Jill and this class have cultivated a desire in me to keep my son in music classes and encourage his love for music! Thank you Jill for your passion and dedication to this program! I am thankful to have been a part of your class! Many blessings to you."
-- Jessica M.

My kiddos absolutely love this class.  When they are just playing, they will burst into a song from class.
-- Iska W.

"My daughter, Adela, and I began attending Jill’s class when Adela was 4 months old.  The first time we went to the class Adela was so engaged and excited to see other babies that she did not look at me the entire time!  She just watched the other children and seemed to really enjoy the music.  We took the class for 10 weeks and the growth I saw in Adela from the first to the last class was incredible.  She started out needing help to hold the instruments, and by the time the 10 weeks was up she was playing along on her own (to her own beat of course!)

The interactions she had with the other babies was invaluable, and Jill was such a great instructor.  She is very creative and keeps the environment warm and laid back.  I was sorry to see it end and if we were not moving out of state, I would be signing Adela up to continue!  Thanks Jill!"

-- Amy H.  

My infant, Avery and I have the privilege of sharing music time with Ms. Jill.  It is not only stimulating and pleasurable, but helps in the advancement of her development by socializing and bonding through song and rhythms.  Ms. Jill is not only musically talented but has a gift of calming infants.  What a relaxing atmosphere!  Avery and I look forward to our "Mommy and Me" music class each week!  (Ms. Jill has a beautiful voice!!!!)  Thanks!
-- Allison B.

Jill is such a wonderful teacher and Hollyn looks forward to class every week. We knew at a very early age (barely a few months old) that Hollyn responded really well to music. She especially loved any live music when we were around it, and here was the opportunity for her to have her own personal musical concert every week!

She is enthralled by Jill's voice, and her eyes follow her around the room wherever she goes. Jill has a special way with babies and is able to draw them out and give each student special one on one attention. I can't say enough great things about Musikgarten Bellaire. The songs, dances, and movements have become an integral part of our weekly routine and we always look forward to sharing that time with Jill and the other babies! 
--Dionne U. 

Jill is gifted musically and does wonders with small children. I highly recommend her music classes!
-- Deborah M.

Jill is wonderful with children. She keeps her classes new, fun and fresh.
-- Susan M.

My 4 year old and my 9 month old are attending Musikgarten Bellaire, and they love it! My 4 year old has always loved music, but Ms. Jill also brings role playing and pretend which is great for this age. It is also wonderful to see how my 9 month old enjoys the music and interaction in class. And not surprisingly on some of those fussy car rides, she will even stop fussing when her music is played.

Ms. Jill is a wonderful teacher. She is talented, and has a way with children. I highly recommend her.

-- Rosalyn V. 

"What else can I say about Musikgarten?  Our kids love their "Mrs. Vaughan", who never fails to bring unbelievable energy, passion, and fun to every class.  I can't possibly say enough good stuff about her and her fun programs! I have been to other similar programs and it was not the same. A great teacher makes all the difference.   A no-brainer for those looking for a fun and enriching way to involve their child in music, art, and movement. My daughter and I do the 11:00 class on Thursdays at Bellaire, UMC and it is so much more than a music class. She loves it!!  And I mean, LOVES it.  It is so great to see her enjoying it, complete with singing along and dancing.  She has gained a lot of self confidence in the class too and enjoys going off on her own to "talk" the other kids and their parents each week. Will definitely continue with the classes, and we highly recommend them! Going to class is such fun and with the take home cd, it is easy to carry on the activities at home in between classes.  Mrs. Vaughan's classes can't be beat."
-- Erin L.