Registration fee is due at time of registration and is not refundable. 

Remaining tuition fee is due in full on the first day of class. 

Registration fee must be received within seven (7) days of online reservation to hold your child's place in the class.

Families who register after classes have begun are eligible for prorated tuition but may be assessed up to an $8 late fee to cover additional shipping costs for materials.

Fees for missed classes cannot be refunded.  However, if your child must miss due to illness, I will make every effort to provide a makeup class.

If your child is ill, please keep your child at home for your child's own safety and the safety of others.  Your child should be free of fever for 24 hours before attending class.

Parents are expected to attend a Parent Orientation which will take place at the beginning of the semester.

Please be on time. 

Dress for “moving and dancing!”

Food, toys or other "distractions" often cause problems rather than provide comfort when brought into music class, since another child might want your child’s drink or stuffed animal.  Please leave them at home or in the car.

You are your child's best teacher.  By staying engaged in the activities, you are setting a powerful example.

Relax, have fun, and enjoy this special time with your child!

Musikgarten Bellaire is not responsible for any loss or injury incurred while participating in the program.

If public school is closed due to bad weather, we will also be closed. Every attempt will be made to make up missed classes. 

If public school is operating on a delayed schedule, we will be open and classes will run on their regular schedule.